APIs Uncensored

Does a podcast count as speaking? 🙂 Well, I’m listing it anyway…

I’m the co-host of “APIs Uncensored“, a monthly podcast where we talk about all things API with a variety of people smarter than us. Here are our latest tracks – you can hear more at our website: http://apisuncensored.io.


I speak frequently at a variety of tech conferences, meetups, and organizations. Here are some of my favorite engagements and upcoming appearances.


SxSW, Austin: March 2017, “How Capital One Disrupted Itself with APIs”

Glue, Denver: May 2017, Keynote

APIdays, San Francisco: July 2017


API World, San Jose: September 2016, “Microservices Panel”

API Days, London: October 2016, “Forced Innovation: the complexities of open banking requirements” (Keynote)

API Strategy Conference, Boston: November 2016, Program Chair

Defrag, Denver: November 2016, Keynote


API Strategy Conference, Berlin: April 2015, “API Readiness: Visualizing and Virtualizing” (Keynote)

Capital One API Summit, Chicago: April 2015, “How to Fail Miserably with Your API”

Glue, Denver: May 2015,”API Readiness: Visualizing and Virtualizing”

WSO2Con, London: June 2015, “API Readiness: Visualizing and Virtualizing”

STARCanada, Vancouver: June 2015, “Virtualize APIs for Better Application Testing”

MotorCity Testers, Detroit: July 2015, “Virtualize APIs for Better Application Testing”

Defrag, Denver: November 2015, “The Struggle for Privacy”

API Strategy Conference, Austin: November 2015, “From the Inside Out; Taking your Internal APIs Out in Public“, Diversity Panel (moderator)


Glue, Denver: May 2014, “After The Breathlessness: What We Need To Figure Out About the IoT” (Keynote)

RESTFest, Greenville: September 2014, “Girl Geek Imperative

Defrag, Denver: November 2014, “Monkey Selfies and Other Conundrums: Who Owns Your Data?

APIdays, Paris: December 2014, “API Readiness: Is Your API Ready for PrimeTime?” (Keynote)

Galway, Insight Centre: December 2014, “From Open Source to Commercial”


API Strategy Conference, New York: February 2013,  “Safe Sex With Third-Party APIs

Defrag, Denver: November 2013, “The Girl Geek Imperative” (Keynote)

Software Testing Conference, Bangalore: December 2013, “Quality is Eating Software” (Keynote)

 My Faves